Dare I say it: Another long absence from my precious blog/ Life Updates

Greetings humans! I want to let y’all know how grateful I am for every single one of you! I’ve met so many amazing people who are now my friends through my blog: I’ve seen so many amazing things and learned a lot of awesome things about you guys and it’s really made a difference to my rather dull life! You who are currently reading this are AMAZING! I just can’t see blogging as something I’d want to give up ever! So I hope to keep it flourishing and rising and improving cuz I’ve definitely moved forward since my first couple of posts (which are kind of embarrassing NOBODY check them out).

But this post is about goodbye for a while now and I know what you’re thinking: didn’t she just come back to blogging regularly, why’s she leaving again? Well it’s because life is hard and I’m not in control of everything sadly. So I’ll be going on a trip to my home town, Aleppo, and there I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to read, review, or even have Internet! I haven’t saved any scheduled posts because this trip was a last-minute thing. I apologise in advance for all the posts and comments and likes I’ll miss, and for my inactivity. I’m not sure how long it takes for me to blog again. I’m making a list of pros and cons related to my trip to make me feel more prepared.


  • I’ll get to see my house after 5 years of absence!
  • I’ll get to meet friends and family who I also haven’t seen in so much time.
  • I’ll get to play the piano again for a while or at least try to. All my musical sheets are there too.
  • I’ll be able to bring back childhood things like photos to take with me to university.
  • I’ll get to experience more of my home culture which I barely remember.


  • It’s going to be hella hot there. Especially with the electricity and water shortages, I don’t know how I’ll survive that.
  • I won’t be able to blog or watch any movies or tv series.
  • I’ll miss out on the sport classes I have here.
  • I’m kinda terrified of the disastrous things that might happen.

To brighten this post up a little I’ll be telling you which books I’ll be able to read and maybe review.

Other good news is that I received my AS level results and got all my As! So yaaaaay me! 😁


I also started and finished Death Note in 3 days! It was great! I really loved it and I understand why it’s so hyped! I loved having an evil MC and a very dark theme! My favourite character of course is L😍😍😍😍! I adore him!! Everyone’s absolutely insane and I just had so much fun binge watching it! I recommend to all of you!! Go watch it nowwww!


Anyways, I’m sorry to disappoint you guys but still wish me luck πŸ˜‰

Happy Reading!



7 thoughts on “Dare I say it: Another long absence from my precious blog/ Life Updates

  1. Hi! First of all, congratulations on your result! I remember my anxiety-filled ALevels days, ughhh! Proud of you, man!
    Secondly, if there ain’t going to be internet, then make sure you have books to read to keep you entertained! You can also devise your own book tag and then share it with us!
    Hope you have fun in Aleppo with your friends and family! ✨



    And I’m so happy for you and that you get to go home again and see your family! That’s absolutely wonderful and I hope that you have an amazing time with them ❀ and remember your culture. AHH IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!

    Have a great time and enjoy yourself πŸ™‚

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    1. Yeah a break was what I needed. I’ll try to be back soon;)
      I finished that book a few days ago and OHHH MY GOOOD! I Hateeee the cliffhanger! I mean I love it but I can’t wait to read the third book! I absolutely adored it too. A great read for this year. ❀️


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