About the Blogger

Greetings fellow readers! My name is Maya and I’m a 17-year-old Syrian girl currently living in Turkey. This is my first go as a blogger and I’m really hoping it turns out great! I created this blog to share my obsession with books and have long discussions and debates with you guys about anything and everything. Owning a blog, sharing books, and encouraging people to read books that I’ve read and loved are my way of thanking the world for giving me such wonderfully spectacular books. They made my life more interesting and I’ll try to promote them as much as I possibly can.

My other obsessions include TV series and music. My favourite TV shows are: Doctor Who, Merlin, and Sherlock. I am currently trying to watch more TV series to broaden my TV series knowledge. My favourite bands are: Queen, Fall Out Boy, Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, Three Days Grace, and Imagine Dragons. I bet there’s many more that I failed to mention right now but these are the first favourites that come to mind.

I’m an extremely shy and awkward person in real life and I hope to open up more to people on my blog. I prefer all fictional worlds over the world we live in and are sadly stuck on (for now at least). I would gladly step into any fictional place and live there forever without hesitaion!

P.S. I am a Bookdragon and dislike the term ‘bookworm’ given to us because I feel like we are so much greater than that!

~A fangirl who just wanted to express her passion and gratitude for books


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